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Monthly Archives: May 2008

I have recently discovered that I am a woman.

Don’t get me wrong: physically I have always known I am a woman. But I have always considered myself different. Not a man, quite, but different: someone to be taken seriously.

Except that I am a woman. And that which is woman is not taken seriously, is it?

I have just discovered that the things I like are actually woman-things: conversation, connection and cooperation. Which makes me, not-man and in a field still dominated by men, an outsider.

Here’s how I discovered my gender.

Covering the second day of hearings on a subject that is not very dear to my heart: the operations and rate-change projections of energy utilities , I was the only female reporter in the room, a fact I didn’t notice until today – when another female reporter walked in.

A woman! I thought. It was novel. Read More »


It’s the end of the work day. I am writing my final story when my editor approaches. He has a copy of another story I have written in his hand. When he had asked to see a copy of it, I honestly didn’t expect to see it again. That’s the way he works.

This time he stops by my desk and drops a heavily penned copy of the story on my desk. Briefly he bends toward me and explains why he has made the corrections. He does not look me in the eyes: he has been somewhat intimidated by me since I realized that many women’s fallback position of “smile and be nice” doesn’t get me anywhere in this particular relationship. He shuffles away and I look at the paper briefly and put it aside without much thought; he has done much worse to other stories for less reason. A colleague of mine whom I don’t know very well; much younger, male and restless, leans toward me.

“What a misogynist,” he says. “He only does that to women.”

I read this blog post last week and something just clicked. I wrote a comment – and finally made the leap. I decided to start a blog. This blog. And in honour of the blog that finally pushed me over the edge, I will re-post somewhat re-worked comments I left on Bojan’s Blog.

But not before I thank all the female feminist bloggers I’ve been reading over the previous months and years, women whose voices articulated for the first time experiences, responses and anger I couldn’t own for myself, and will only be able to own slowly, as I learn to get used to ‘hearing’ the sound of my own voice. But more on that in another entry.

First up: Diversity in Journalism. This study concludes that there is a serious lack of diversity in the newsroom, and even worse, no real attempt to correct the problem, or even a feeling that it is a problem. This in an industry that purports to reflect the world back to us, to give us the unbiased ‘truth’; this in the industry in which I work.

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