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Monthly Archives: August 2008


Funny thing happened these past few months: I decided that having what my colleague said was necessary for journalism, having a “fire in your belly” (or perhaps in my case a “volcano in my uterus”, as the fire in belly term is associated with men’s movement stuff) for the job, isn’t enough for me. I want more.

But make no mistake about it: my decisions to leave my job isn’t what I would consider voluntary. Read More »


I have grown weary of the horror-ridden tone taken whenever the spectacle that is teenage motherhood is discussed.

 Irresponsible sluts who only want to have children so they can be loved (Older people have children for entirely un-selfish reasons, you know so they can be, um, loved, so they can have someone who looks just like them, so junior can inherit the farm, the company, the family name, so someone will take care of them when they are old, because they are bored, because years of birth control failed one wine-filled evening – all much more mature reasons for having babies than those awful hormone-ridden teenager girls…)

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