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Do they know how ridiculous they make themselves?

Just hours after posting the previous few blogs after a long pause in blogging activity for various reasons, I attracted the notice of, wait for it, Flamebolt. 

He seems to have confessed to various crimes in his message, including sexual abuse of various children. Wonder if I should pass his message and info to the authorities that be….

A portion of the friendly letter is after the turn.

Where do they come from? 

My husband has been blogging for years and not once, no matter what subject he wrote on, has he received the attention of  the kind of wierdos that are commonplace for virtually every woman blogger I know. Not complaining, just noticing.

Love the way some women, like those at feministing have handled it: they hold awards for the most outlandish in various categories. 

And here goes, how to confess your crimes on the internet!!! 

Listen…I’ve done mothers and daughters in that scenario. The mother brings me in, the daughter gets sexually interested cuz she hears the noises from her mothers room and pretty soon she’s slinking up to and around me.
That leads to one day her getting done. Now i’m doing both, whenever the other ain’t around. And DON’T think Mom didn’t have an idea of what was going on.

etc. etc.

What more can I say…


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