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Monthly Archives: December 2009

I was washing dishes when I heard the girls arguing about something upstairs, so I went upstairs.

Dannika was by the light switch in our bedroom and Elise was on the bed.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I want the light off and she doesn’t,” Dannika said. Her voice held that plaintive, whiny note that drives parents, particularly these parents, to distraction at times.

Dannika then turned the light off.

“Turn the darkness off. Turn the darkness off!” Elise wailed.

Dannika turned the light on again. I looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a funny face. We  began laughing.

“She always says that,” Dannika said between giggles, forgetting her complaint now. “When we are in our beds and she wants the light off she says, ‘turn the darkness on’.”

The argument was forgotten and I returned to the dishes.

Although, honestly, it might have been a book I was reading when their argument interrupted me. I don’t remember. It could have been the dishes; I feel I am always washing dishes around here. But really, I just wanted to pretend I was a better housekeeper than I am.


This first term of my MA program has been challenging: so much to do and so little time. I’ve been managing to do my homework late nights (so two-year-old Monkey ¬†isn’t at the babysitter’s very much) and still bring in good marks.

This last week though, I’ve had final papers to put together and was too tired to rely on late nights so Monkey was at the sitter’s two days in a row for almost full days. This is the first time she has been with another person besides her father and I for so long.

The second day she ran into my arms and declared that she had missed me. She kept hugging me tight and repeating how much she’d missed me all the way home. Back at home she threw herself in my arms again and declared that she had missed me. “Oh, I missed you too little bug,” I said. She put her hands on my cheeks and said, “tell me why”.

So I did.