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This first term of my MA program has been challenging: so much to do and so little time. I’ve been managing to do my homework late nights (so two-year-old Monkey  isn’t at the babysitter’s very much) and still bring in good marks.

This last week though, I’ve had final papers to put together and was too tired to rely on late nights so Monkey was at the sitter’s two days in a row for almost full days. This is the first time she has been with another person besides her father and I for so long.

The second day she ran into my arms and declared that she had missed me. She kept hugging me tight and repeating how much she’d missed me all the way home. Back at home she threw herself in my arms again and declared that she had missed me. “Oh, I missed you too little bug,” I said. She put her hands on my cheeks and said, “tell me why”.

So I did.



  1. Tell US why.

  2. Joj – did you ever see Curious George the cartoon movie? We just watched it this weekend, while we were too sick to do anything else. I never sit down to watch movies with the family, but this one was so funny and delightful that I did. Elise is the Curious George of this movie: sweet, funny, smart, so affectionate and always into trouble. That’s why I named her Monkey for the post. The weekend we were sick we just hung out on the couch together during the day listening to music and story samples from… so relaxing. And she does this funny dance called the ‘wiggle wiggle’ dance, which consists of shaking her hips while she sings ‘wiggle wiggle’ and she infuriates Dannika by pretending to play violin while Dannika is practicing/performing and she calls the children’s bedroom hopefully arranged with two beds ‘Dannika’s bedroom’ and the other bedroom with the single queen size bed she calls “Our bedroom”, which is true, if Bojan and I face facts… and she is as committed to chocolate as her mother, except much less discriminating in her tastes, has a wicked temper that flares suddenly and vanishes just as suddenly (also rather like her mother, unfortunately) and can make us all laugh without half trying…. I could go on, but I am dropping Elise off at a short playdate today so I have time to (ahem and outrage) clean up this neglected house…

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