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Thanks to Antonia over at Broadsides I have become a fan of Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times columnist.


I’m a business reporter. How I got here is another story for another blog; but here I am, reporting about business. It’s something I could make interesting if my editor would let me, but for some reason my editor feels that ‘interesting’ and ‘hard news story’ do not mix.

Anyway, the last two days, one of my fellow business reporters, a young man, in his early twenties, has appeared clean shaven and suited up. The reason? He’s attending two editorial board meetings (when big business people meet with a roomful of editors and reporters, get their picture taken saying important things and many stories are written about the appointment conversation, as if something actually took place).

The men he’s meeting with are wearing a suit and tie and so will he. Seems reasonable. Except I’m not certain that it is.

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I have recently discovered that I am a woman.

Don’t get me wrong: physically I have always known I am a woman. But I have always considered myself different. Not a man, quite, but different: someone to be taken seriously.

Except that I am a woman. And that which is woman is not taken seriously, is it?

I have just discovered that the things I like are actually woman-things: conversation, connection and cooperation. Which makes me, not-man and in a field still dominated by men, an outsider.

Here’s how I discovered my gender.

Covering the second day of hearings on a subject that is not very dear to my heart: the operations and rate-change projections of energy utilities , I was the only female reporter in the room, a fact I didn’t notice until today – when another female reporter walked in.

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I read this blog post last week and something just clicked. I wrote a comment – and finally made the leap. I decided to start a blog. This blog. And in honour of the blog that finally pushed me over the edge, I will re-post somewhat re-worked comments I left on Bojan’s Blog.

But not before I thank all the female feminist bloggers I’ve been reading over the previous months and years, women whose voices articulated for the first time experiences, responses and anger I couldn’t own for myself, and will only be able to own slowly, as I learn to get used to ‘hearing’ the sound of my own voice. But more on that in another entry.

First up: Diversity in Journalism. This study concludes that there is a serious lack of diversity in the newsroom, and even worse, no real attempt to correct the problem, or even a feeling that it is a problem. This in an industry that purports to reflect the world back to us, to give us the unbiased ‘truth’; this in the industry in which I work.

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